2013 Annual Gathering

Refresh the Dream: Baptist Women in Ministry Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration, June 26, 2013

Nancy Sehested

Baptist Women in Ministry’s Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration was a memorable time of worship and fellowship. Over 1,100 gathered at First Baptist Church in Greensboro, North Carolina, to celebrate the milestone for the organization and to give thanks to God for the work of Baptist women ministers.

Our preacher for the evening, Nancy Sehested, reminded us with great eloquence of the challenges Baptist women faced thirty years ago: “We did not say to each other ‘Let’s start a justice equality movement for women in the Baptist church.’ We simply stood up and said, “I am. I am called. I am a daughter of God and the church. Thus began our long learning about the use and abuse of power. As you can imagine, we desperately needed each other for mutual support, encouragement, and discernment.”


BWIM Worship-Beginning and Blessing

BWIM Worship Service – Scripture and Sermon

BWIM Worship Service – Communion and Challenge

During the worship service, two new awards were introduced and presented–Watts Street Baptist Church in Durham, North Carolina, was named the 2013 Church of Excellence, and Anne Thomas Neil was presented with the first ever Frankie Huff Granger Distinguished Mentoring Award. A video about the two awards is also available: The 2013 Church of Excellence Award and the Frankie Huff Granger Distinguished Mentoring Award

Near the conclusion of the service, Molly Brummett and Heather Mustain were presented as the 2013 Addie Davis Award winners. A video about the awards is available:  The 2013 Addie Davis Awards

You can view pictures from the worship service and reception on the CBF website.

Several news stories were written about the anniversary celebration. Bob Allen of Associated Baptist Press wrote BWIM celebrates 30 years and the CBF Communication Department released a news story titled CBF General Assembly kicks off with celebration of 30 years of BWIM.

Blogs about the event were written by Courtney Allen, Tammy Abee Blom, Meredith Holladay, Carol McEntrye, and Brittany Riddle:

 “We are not about to call it quits” by Courtney Allen

“Giving Up?” by Tammy Abee Blom

“The 30th anniversary celebration” by Meredith Holladay

“This is what BWIM is about” by Carol McEntyre

“A Fellowship of Joy” by Brittany Riddle

The celebration on June 26 was more than anticipated–the crowd was larger, the spirit was warmer, the words were more powerful, and the fellowship was richer. The memories of that evening continue to encourage all who gathered on that stormy Wednesday evening in Greensboro.