We welcome you to be one of our givers A small monthly gift of $10 or $20 or a larger monthly gift of $50 or $75 makes a significant difference in this work that God has entrusted to us! Or make a one-time gift to BWIM – every contribution matters, and we are grateful for the faithfulness and generosity of all who support this ministry.

To Contribute by Postal Mail, Send a Check to: Baptist Women in Ministry P. O. Box 941294 Atlanta, GA 31141-1294

“I give because I believe that Baptist Women in Ministry sows in the lives of women so that they will be able to stand in the pulpit and to minister wherever God has called them to minister without hindrance.” 

Jewel London

Pastoral Assistant, The Church Without Walls, Houston, Texas

“I give to Baptist Women in Ministry, because without its encouragement and without the challenge I have received from BWIM, I would not be a pastor today.”

Ellen Di Giosia

Pastor, First Baptist Church, Jefferson City, Tennessee

“I give monthly to Baptist Women in Ministry, because they seek to educate churches on the number of wonderful women who stand ready to serve the church—women who are gifted, capable, and called by God.”

Daniel Glaze

Pastor, River Road Church, Baptist, Richmond, Virginia