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To Contribute by Postal Mail, Send a Check to: Baptist Women in Ministry P. O. Box 941294 Atlanta, GA 31141-1294 __________________________ For more information, contact Pam Durso at pamdurso@bwim.info.

BWIM is the only organization in Fellowship life (and in most of Baptist life) advocating for the full involvement of women in ministry.     The job is not done! Get on board and support BWIM financially every month.”

Ircel Harrison

Coaching Coordinator, Pinnacle Leadership Associates

“I give because I stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before me and paved the way.”

Emily Hull McGee

Pastor, First Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

“I give because I want to be someone who holds open the door of ministry so that other women can walk through.” 

Jaime Fitzgerald

Seminary Student, Gardner-Webb University School of Divinity