Monthly Conversations with Pam Durso and Devita Parnell

From 2009 to 2015, a collaborative group led by Pam Durso and Devita Parnell gathered each month for a conversation about women and Baptist life. The conversations from 2014 and 2015 were recorded and are available by clicking on the links listed below.

Listen to our past conversations: 

2015 Monthly Conversations: Family Ties

The monthly conversations in 2015 included subjects related to family relationships, responsibilities, and the real life challenges of ministers.

December 2015 – Self-care
A Conversation with Chanequa Walker-Barnes

November 2015 – Adoption: Placement and Parenting
A conversation with Amy Derrick and Lee Ritchie

September 2015 – Step-parenting and Ministry
A conversation with Merianna Harrelson

August 2015 – Caring for Aging Parents While Ministering
A Conversation with Karen Massey, Kerri Thompson, and Prissy Tunnell

June 2015 – Project Pomegranate: Infertility, Pregnancy Loss, and Infant Death
A conversation with Jake Hall, Mary Elizabeth Hanchey, Ruth Perkins Lee.

May 2015 – Help! My Wife is a Minister 
A Conversation with Brent Jones, Josh Speight, and Paul Swiney

April 2015 – Surviving and Succeeding as a Single Minister
A Conversation with Sharyn Dowd, Charity Roberson, and Brittany Riddle

March 2015 – Pregnant While Ministering
A Conversation with Julie Long, Mary Beth Foust, and Stephanie McLeskey

February 2015 – Two Ministries, One Marriage – Making it Work
A Conversation with Jane and David Hull

2014 Monthly Conversations: The Messy Stuff of Ministry

The monthly conversations in 2014 featured interviews with experts and practitioners about hard topics in ministry.
“Why is Ministry So Messy? A Starting Conversation.”


“Am I Alone? How to Build a Network of Support.”


“Breaking the Law? Dealing with Pesky Legal Issues”


“Practice Sabbath? Who Has Time?”


“Who me? Ask for money? Fundraising 101”


“Will I Ever Find a Ministry Position?: Hints and Helps for Surviving the Search Process”