The 2015 Monthly Conversations: Family Ties

Since 2009, a collaborative group led by Pam Durso and Devita Parnell gathered for conversation about women and Baptist life. The theme for 2015 was “Family Ties,” and we will talked about family relationships, responsibilities, and real life challenges of ministers. You can listen to any of the 2015 conversations by clicking on the links listed below.

Listen to our past conversations: 

2015 Monthly Conversations: Family Ties


December 2015 – Self-care
A Conversation with Chanequa Walker-Barnes

November 2015 – Adoption: Placement and Parenting
A conversation with Amy Derrick and Lee Ritchie

September 2015 – Step-parenting and Ministry
A conversation with Merianna Harrelson

August 2015 – Caring for Aging Parents While Ministering
A Conversation with Karen Massey, Kerri Thompson, and Prissy Tunnell

June 2015 – Project Pomegranate: Infertility, Pregnancy Loss, and Infant Death
A conversation with Jake Hall, Mary Elizabeth Hanchey, Ruth Perkins Lee.

May 2015 – Help! My Wife is a Minister 
A Conversation with Brent Jones, Josh Speight, and Paul Swiney

April 2015 – Surviving and Succeeding as a Single Minister
A Conversation with Sharyn Dowd, Charity Roberson, and Brittany Riddle

March 2015 – Pregnant While Ministering
A Conversation with Julie Long, Mary Beth Foust, and Stephanie McLeskey

February 2015 – Two Ministries, One Marriage – Making it Work
A Conversation with Jane and David Hull

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