Ten years ago, Baptist Women in Ministry sold its first THIS IS WHAT A PREACHER LOOKS LIKE t-shirt. It was wildly popular, lots of fun. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the much-requested shirt, BWIM is for a limited time selling an updated version–a new color but the same message!

In these past ten years, the Baptist landscape has experienced some major shifts. In 2007, 113 women served as pastors of churches affiliated with the Alliance of Baptists, the Baptist General Association of Virginia, the Baptist General Convention of Texas, and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Today, 191 women are pastors. Hundreds of other women are living out their callings, using their God-given gifts, and ministering in beautiful ways in their churches and communities–as staff ministers, chaplains, non-profit leaders, professors, and missionaries.

Baptist Women in Ministry is proud to have contributed to this shifting landscape through its advocacy and networking efforts, including our eleventh year of sponsoring Martha Stearns Marshall Month of Preaching, our hosting of Discernment Retreats for college women, our establishment of a new, official Mentoring Group Program, and our annual gathering for worship and fellowship. BWIM is also pleased to each year present two Addie Davis Awards, The Church of Excellence Award, and a Distinguished Mentor Award. Join us in celebrating these past ten years and also help support the future dreams and work of Baptist Women in Ministry: purchase our new THIS IS WHAT A PREACHER LOOKS LIKE t-shirt!