2024 BWIM Annual Gathering
Virtual Prayer Vigil
June 10, 2024

BWIM’s 2024 Annual Gathering
Virtual Prayer Vigil
June 10, 2024
7:00 PM Eastern/ 6:00 PM Central

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BWIM is excited to announce that this year we are hosting the BWIM Annual Gathering as a virtual event. We are shifting to hosting a virtual Annual Gathering every other year for multiple purposes, including opening our doors to the broader Baptist community and creating the opportunity to host an in-person gathering on the other years.

This year’s virtual annual gathering will be held June 10, 2024 (7:00 PM Eastern/ 6:00 PM Central) as a prayer vigil on the day prior to the business discussions of the 2024 Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting where they will take the final vote on a constitutional amendment to exclude women from pastoral roles.

The annual gathering prayer vigil will be led by Kinship Commons, a worship artist collective created and led by women of color, who creates experiential and transformative gatherings toward the flourishing of marginalized people. You can find a portfolio of Kinship Commons featured work HERE. 

We hope this gathering will provide us all with an opportunity to come together in solidarity and hope for the thriving of all women in ministry among Baptists.

A little bit more about Kinship Commons

Kinship Commons was thoughtfully and lovingly founded by four women of color, Dr. Tamisha Tyler, Jennifer Guerra Aldana, Angie Hong, and Julie Tai. Each co-founder brought in their expertise, creativity, and curiosities to imagine how a collective of artist could curate and design gatherings that offered glimpses of a new world. Angie and Julie took those imaginations and established this company as Co-Directors while Tamisha and Jennifer continue in advisory roles.


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