Today I knew would be a little different. I usually do the after-school pick up and try to cram in a full day’s work during my son’s school hours. But today, at Touching Miami with Love, local artists were coming to work with our after-school kids. We have a partnership with a local art studio operated by a downtown church and a non-profit arts group, and this afternoon, the artists would be leading our kids in an Art Day so my husband Jason was on school-pick-up duty.

The artists inflated their giant sculpture of a cloud, and the kids brainstormed and created art as an artist shared “I am a giant because I can feel God’s love.” The activity was a great way to merge the ways the kids felt empowered by the gifts, talents, and abilities the Lord has given them with the joy of creating art.

Some of our kids at Touching Miami with Love finished their own statement, and wrote “I am a giant because…

“I am creative.” Tyleesha, 12

“I am good at spelling.”  Areal, 8

“I am ME!” Miguel, 10

Angel Pittman is assistant director, Touching Miami with Love, Miami, Florida.