The Baptists of the world are networked together under the umbrella of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA). There are seven continental organizations within the BWA Women’s Department covering each continent of world except Antartica. The North American Baptist Women’s Union (NABWU) is one of these continental regions of the world. We are a ministry network of Baptist women from the US, Canada, and Guyana, and each one of you are a part of this network.

In most places of the world, Baptist women are known as women who will stand up and speak up against the injustices they see in their own communities and through this worldwide network Baptist women are making a difference. It is important that in North America we use this network of connections with other Baptist women to address the issues of our own communities and churches. By networking together, we are stronger in numbers and encouraging to one another in our commitment to Jesus Christ. We should never underestimate our power to bring about change as we work together.

All of these continental organizations are connected together through prayer  . . . the Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer which takes place on the first Monday of November each year. From the first time the sun comes until the last time the sun sets on that day, there are Baptist women praying for their sisters in about 110 countries of the world. In some parts of the world women walk for days to gather and in some places, this day of prayer becomes several days of prayer. No matter where you are in the world, Baptist women gather an offering on the Day of Prayer for the ministry of the BWA Women’s Department and the ministries that are taking place through each of these continental organizations.

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Linda J. Weber is president of North American Baptist Women’s Union.