I have had the privilege of serving for the past two years as executive director of Baptist Women in Ministry. Describing what I do to those I meet has sometimes been challenging—especially to the strangers that I sit by on airplanes. A few weeks ago I found myself once again trying to explain the work of BWIM—but not to a stranger. My daughter, Alex, and I were in West Texas visiting relatives, and one of my favorite cousins stopped by to see us. And in a wonderful, gracious way, my West Texas Baptist cousin asked me about my work, my cousin who most likely has never met a woman minister in his life.

So I began carefully explaining my role, telling about the vision of Baptist Women in Ministry, talking about advocating and supporting . . . and then I paused for a minute and looked over at Alex.  She sighed and said, “Mom, you are a bridge.”  I love it when my fourteen-year-old is smarter than I am!

Alex helped me put into an image what Baptist Women in Ministry is all about. BWIM is a bridge—connecting women with other women, connecting women with churches, connecting women with resources, connecting Baptists who affirm the gifts and calling of women together. For twenty-eight years, BWIM has been a bridge, and last Wednesday, June 22, I had opportunity to join with others in Tampa, Florida, at our annual gathering. We joined together in bridging our lives, our callings, our hearts, and our love in the worship of the living God.

In the next week, I plan to share with you about our gathering–the worship, the fellowship, and the lunch. And if you were able to attend the Tampa events and you have memories of the day that you stayed in your heart, I invite you to share those with us!

Pam Durso is the executive director of Baptist Women in Ministry, Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Emily Holladay and courtesy of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship).