Writing blogsFive years ago I dreamed of having a blog–not one that I would write, but one that supporters, believers, and encouragers of Baptist Women in Ministry would write. And yes, sometimes dreams do come true.

Looking back now at five years of BWIM blogs, I am thankful for the good stories shared, the ministry challenges addressed, and fun photos uploaded. I am especially appreciative of Tammy Abee Blom and Brittany Riddle, who have written consistently and beautifully for BWIM over the past few years. Their contributions have been a source of inspiration and encouragement to many.

This summer new dreams for the blog began to take shape, and starting next week, you will see some of those dreams unfold. We have what I think is a really exciting weekly line-up!

On Mondays, we will continue to feature our THRIVE devotions–that are produced in partnership with NextSunday. Each month a new writer has guided us through a section of the Gospel of Matthew. We have four more months of THRIVE devotions for you, including ones written this month by Allison Kentle. For me, these devotions have been a great way to begin each week.

VBWIM - Judy handsOn Tuesdays, you can find encouragement from our weekly prayer. We have posted these for a while and will continue to do so. The prayers are usually brief, always inspirational. Some of the prayers were offered by great women from our faith’s history. Other prayers have been written and spoken by a Baptist woman minister. Hope you will take a moment each Tuesday and read the prayer.

Beginning next Wednesday, the BWIM blog will roll out a new blog series. This summer we made an appeal for blog posts, and we have been overwhelmed and blessed by the response. We asked. You all answered. We now have a beautiful collection of writings from women and men across the United States on a variety of topics, and those posts will be featured on Wednesdays. We are excited to have so many new voices to share with you!

On Thursdays, you will find DEAR ADDIE posts or a Pam Durso post. DEAR ADDIE is our wise woman of faith who seeks to provide good advice, helpful suggestions, and thoughtful answers to your questions. So if you are in need of encouragement and/or advice as you navigate ministry waters, send your questions to dearaddie.advice@gmail.com.

And finally, Fridays! For Fridays, we have another new series. We will introduce you each Friday to a woman minister! This new series will be titled, THIS IS WHAT A MINISTER LOOKS LIKE (and yes, we are cashing in on our earlier slogan and expanding the concept!) Over the next year, you will meet 52 amazing women–who are serving in a variety of ministry roles! The only drawback–so many women, only 52 Fridays each year!

I am so excited about this NEW BLOG ADVENTURE! (And thankful to Ashley Robinson and Meredith Stone–who dreamed with me)! Hope you will join the fun!

Pam Durso is the executive director of Baptist Women in Ministry, Atlanta, Georgia.  In her spare time, she teaches fun history classes at McAfee School of Theology and watches Jeopardy with her daughter. In her other spare time, she cheers for the New England Patriots but only because her son LOVES Tom Brady, and she encourages her husband in his new role as the Durso chef.