BWIM Month of Advocacy

We’re inviting you to take the next step in affirming, valuing, and elevating women in ministry among Baptists every March!

In addition to inviting a woman to preach, we also encourage you to engage in one of the forms of advocacy listed below during March, which is also Women’s History Month. Both churches and individuals can participate.

As you participate, please use the form below to share your participation with us!

"It's time to do more"

Read Executive Director, Meredith Stone’s article on why BWIM Month of Preaching is now BWIM Month of Advocacy

BWIM Month of Preaching

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How to Participate in BWIM Month of Advocacy

During BWIM Month of Advocacy in March:


Invite a woman to preach (or encourage your church leadership to invite a woman preach) AND choose one of the following to further your advocacy.


Choose one or more of the forms of advocacy below, or follow along with our 2024 BWIM Month of Advocacy Calendar for your participation.

Recommendations or Help

If you would like recommendations or help in implementing these or other avenues of advocacy for women in ministry, contact the BWIM staff for assistance or recommendations.

Ways to Advocate for Women in Ministry