Community Building

Community and experiences of solidarity are essential to the thriving of women in ministry.

Because women clergy in Baptist communities often have the experience of isolation, having opportunities to simply know that we are not alone is crucial.

BWIM fosters opportunities for community through our programs and shared learning experiences. In the coming months we are working on creating further opportunities for peer community groups and a program designed to meet the needs of Baptist women of color in ministry. We look forward to sharing more information with you in the near future.

State BWIM Groups

Another way women in ministry can experience community is through connection with state and regional BWIM groups.

See the contact information below for details about opportunities to connect with Baptist women in ministry in your area.


Contact Laura Stephens-Reed at


Courtney Jones at


Contact Katie Faison at

For information, visit

Great Rivers

(Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi)

Contact Brittany Stillwell, Brittany Caldwell, and Tanya Parks at


Contact Laura Levens at

North Carolina

Contact Ka’thy Gore Chappell at

For information, visit


Sarah Stewart at

South Carolina

Contact Sarah Hanks or Kelli Kirksey at


Contact Jill Hudson at

For information, visit


Contact Leslie Park at

For information, visit


Contact  at Andrea Huffman or Natasha Nedrick at or