This time last year, I was packing my essentials into boxes, loading up ol’ Bella (my tiny aging car), and moving cross country to intern at Baptist Women in Ministry. As a dual-degree MDiv/MSW student at Baylor University, I was passionate about the intersection of women and the Church and decided that I wanted to intern at an organization where I could explore the diverse experiences women in ministry face. I did not realize how formative my experience at BWIM would be for my faith, academics, and future career.

During my time at BWIM, I listened to stories from women pastors who have had great successes and challenges in ministry. I saw eyes full of appreciation from women after receiving encouragement and affirmation in their season of discernment. And as a social work student, I realized that BWIM is not only a Baptist ministry organization, but it is also a bridge-building organization. During my internship, I worked with BWIM in living out its conviction that every person has dignity and worth through its advocacy for women’s voices who are too often marginalized and silenced. We helped women create meaningful connections with mentors and churches to establish networks that would have been difficult to build on their own.

I give monthly to Baptist Women in Ministry because I believe in the hard work that they do in creating opportunities for women called to ministry in a context that does not yet fully see them as equals. I also give to BWIM because their dedication to their work has led to a community of better equipped and nourished women in ministry. Although Baptist Women in Ministry’s team is small, I have witnessed its effectiveness in creating big positive changes across Baptist congregations. I give because Baptist Women in Ministry has done and continues to do big things to ensure that one day all women will be seen as equal partners in the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Kevin Pranoto is executive specialist, office of the executive coordinator at Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in Decatur, Georgia. 

Monthly gifts provide dependable income for our work and allow Baptist Women in Ministry to continue being an advocate, a network, and a connection for Baptist women ministers! Small monthly gifts of $10 or $20 or larger monthly gifts of $50 or $75 make a significant difference! We invite you to join Kevin in being a monthly giver by filling out the form below.