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Midwives of a Movement

Midwives of a Movement premiered on October 2, 2023 at Baptist Women in Ministry’s 40th Anniversary Annual Gathering in Louisville, KY.

The feature documentary film chronicles the stories of the women who boldly birthed a movement to seek greater visibility and opportunities for women in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Despite great opposition, their courage blazed pathways for advancing women in ministry and leadership among Baptists.

But challenging religious patriarchy, and specifically Baptist patriarchy, is not only a subject of the past. It is as relevant today as it was forty years ago.

In this film, audiences today will find heartfelt stories, painful anecdotes, profound insights, and lighthearted remembrances which will inspire continued confrontation of patriarchy and advocacy efforts so that women find equality and equity among Baptists.

Attend a Screening

Do you want to attend a screening of Midwives of a Movement? Find a date and location that works for you and we’ll see you there. Please note that we are still in the process of confirming details for each of these screenings and will update the information as we finalize it.


Date Location Time
January 7, 2024 Bayshore Baptist Church | Tampa, FL 6:00 PM
January 31, 2024 Pullen Memorial Baptist Church | Raleigh, NC 6:00 PM
February 11, 2024 First Baptist Church | Austin, TX 1:00 PM
February 25, 2024 Boulevard Baptist Church | Anderson, SC 6:00 PM
February 27, 2024 Baylor University | Mayborn Museum
Waco, TX | Register Here
6:00 PM
March 2, 2024 Grandin Court Baptist Church | Roanoke, VA 3:00 PM
March 3, 2024 First Baptist Church | Martinsville, VA 3:00 PM
March 4, 2024 Hampton Baptist Church | Hampton, VA 7:00 PM
March 5, 2024 Byrd Theatre | Richmond, VA 7:00 PM
March 6, 2024 University Baptist Church | Charlottesville, VA 6:00 PM
March 10, 2024 Broadway Baptist Church | Fort Worth, TX 2:00 PM
March 15, 2024 Mid-Atlantic CBF & McLean Baptist Church
McLean, VA
7:00 PM
March 17, 2024 Immanuel Baptist Church | Nashville, TN 5:00 PM
March 18, 2024 Belmont University | Johnson Center Theatre Nashville, TN 6:30 PM
March 20, 2024 Ball Camp Baptist Church | Knoxville, TN TBD
March 21, 2024 Georgetown College | Georgetown, KY TBD
March 22, 2024 First Baptist Church of Christ | Macon, GA 6:00 PM
March 22, 2024 Ridgewood Baptist Church | Louisville, KY TBD
April 2, 2024 Second Baptist Church | Lubbock, TX TBD
April 11, 2024 Campbell University Divinity School
Buies Creek, NC
3:00 PM
April 12, 2024 CBF NC- Oakmont Baptist Church
Greenville, NC
April 13, 2023 CBF NC- Greystone Baptist Church
Raleigh, NC
April 14, 2024 CBF NC- First Baptist on Fifth
Winston-Salem, NC
TBD (Morning)
April 14, 2024 CBF NC- First Baptist Church
Asheville, NC
TBD (Evening)
April 15, 2024 Gardner- Webb University and Divinity School
Boiling Springs, NC
7:00 PM
April 21, 2024 Oakhurst Baptist Church | Decatur, GA TBD
April 22, 2024 Wilshire Baptist Church | Dallas, TX 6:00 PM

Would you like to host a screening of Midwives of a Movement?

Here are some important things for you to know:

  • Screening hosts will be responsible for all event details including promotion, facilities, and technical support. Baptist Women in Ministry will publicize dates and times of the screenings, but will direct people to the hosts for details and information.
  • Screenings which have the potential of drawing a good audience and which Executive Director, Meredith Stone, can attend in-person will be prioritized.
  • The film’s run time is 78 minutes. Opportunities for Meredith Stone, or a representative of Baptist Women in Ministry, to share before and after the film are preferred. If women featured in the film live near the screening location, they can also be invited for a Q&A during a dicussion after the film.
  • Since Baptist Women in Ministry is a non-profit organization whose work is made possible by donors, every screening will include a request for donations.
  • Screening hosts are encourage to provide a warm and hospitable environment for audiences.
  • To request to host a screening, complete the form below.

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Film Synopsis

Midwives of a Movement features interviews with eleven women who were active in the early days of the women’s movement within the Southern Baptist Convention in the 1970’s and 1980’s, archival material from these years, and commentary from Baptist Women in Ministry Executive Director, Meredith Stone, and Baptist Historian and Baylor University professor, Mandy McMichael.

The feature documentary film begins with a prologue of reflections on the beginnings of the women’s movement within the Southern Baptist Convention through the 1978 SBC Consultation on Women in Church Related Vocations in Nashville, Tennessee. Following these reflections, the women interviewed tell of how they came to feel called to ministry within the Southern Baptist Convention, the opposition they faced, and what they needed as they began seek opportunities to live out their calling.

The chronological aspect of the film picks back up in 1983 as women began organizing to form an organization that would serve their needs and advocate within the SBC. They reflect on the successes of their movement and organization in 1983, but also describe the backlash against them that occurred within the SBC in 1984. Despite the opposition, however, the movement only grew.

Like any movement, there were ups and downs as well as areas of conflict on which the women offer retrospective insight which resounds with the continued story of advocating for women in ministry. The film ends as each of them reflect on what their involvement in this movement means to them today.