Being “in charge” has some priviledges–including getting a good seat during worship. I got to sit on the front row during the Baptist Women in Ministry worship service last Wednesday, and I saw things that some folks there may not have opportunity to see as clearly.

I watched Rebecca Caswell-Speight, minister to children and families at Broadway Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky. She stood beside the communion table as one of our servers. In a sling wrapped around Rebecca was her sweet daughter, who was content and smiling all during communion and the worship service.

By the end of communion, Rebecca’s older daughter needed to stand by her mom, and so she did. And that snapshot will stay with me–the snaphot of a young mother minister standing by her daughter, holding her other daughter.

I am thankful to churches who call, support, and encourage young minister mothers!

(Photos courtesy of Norman Jameson, Associated Baptist Press, and Emily Holladay, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.)

Pam Durso is executive director of Baptist Women in Ministry, Atlanta, Georgia.