Last Saturday, I stood next to two teenage girls, both holding paint rollers and both wearing paint-splattered shirts. I shook my head and marveled for these two girls are our “church painters.” They had a little help, but the two of them had just painted the majority of the walls in our church’s new sanctuary. At one point, I said to them, “What other church do you know that would put teenage girls in charge of painting its worship space?” They laughed, and one replied, “I know! Isn’t it cool?”

I must admit that the paint job was not completely evened out, and a few areas needed some touch-up work. But for me, I found much delight in their presence, in their laughter, and in this new friendship formed over a paint can. I also found much joy in the fact that I am a member of church that hands paint rollers to teenagers and invites them to be part of the process of creating a beautiful place for our congregation to gather.

Pam Durso is executive director of Baptist Women in Ministry, Atlanta, Georgia.