“Reflecting Her Story” is a bi-weekly series of reflections on the stories of biblical women and the ways they model lives of character, boldness, faith and ministry for women today.


Paul went to see [Aquila and Priscilla], and, because he was of the same trade, he stayed with them, and they worked together—by trade they were tentmakers.   Acts 18:2-3

There are homemakers, and then there are home makers.

In partnership, Aquila and Priscilla made their way together to a new home when the emperor sent all the Jews out of Rome. In partnership, they started up their business in Corinth, stretching and stitching skins and fabrics into dwelling places. In partnership, they welcomed the apostle, bringing him into their home and into their work, and in partnership with him they built tents and built believers.

As part of the team, Priscilla is not spoken of in any distinct vocabulary as a woman among men. Whatever tasks she undertook as a creator of tents and a caller of disciples, her role is equally important to those of Aquila and Paul: equally valued and equally vital to the success of the relationship, the business, and the ministry. The writer of the Acts of the Apostles does not suggest that Priscilla was engaged in “women’s work” to support the men, or even that she somehow broke social molds to do “men’s work” alongside them.

Instead, in the writer’s account, the work is simply the work—every aspect of it necessary and worthy, and accomplished in partnership without comparisons or scorecards between women and men.

When it comes to making homes–whether in new cities, or of leathered skins, or in the body of Christ–partnership is the only way. When we make homes together—in partnership with each other and with God–we build relationships where each person is of irreplaceable value. We build congregations where every job description is respected and where every worker is honored. We build disciples who know that they are called and gifted. That they are unique and indispensable. That they are connected and supported.

We build houses of love, with room for all.

Nikki Finkelstein-Blair is an ordained Baptist minister, at-home mom, and military spouse living in San Antonio, Texas. She blogs at One Faithful Step and Ordinary Times.