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Salome is a disciple of Jesus who is mentioned in Mark 15:40-41, and 16:1 as someone who was a faithful follower of Christ during his Galilean ministry, who was present at Jesus’ crucifixion though others abandoned him, and who was among those who went to the tomb and found Jesus resurrected. Her name is not included in the other three gospels, but many interpreters have found ways to connect her with the women whose names are included in Matthew, Luke, and John.

Though Salome was among the most faithful of Jesus’ disciples and one of the first evangelists sent to proclaim the news of Jesus’ resurrection, she is often overlooked.

Unfortunately, Salome’s story is far too similar to that of women in ministry today who also follow Christ, minister faithfully, are called to proclaim the good news, but are also overlooked.

However, Salome’s name is derived from the Hebrew shalom which means “peace” or “wholeness.”

When we come alongside Salome and all those who are overlooked, we seek wholeness for every person in God’s beloved community.

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