It is really very simple. Peel the apples, and then cut into chunks removing the core. Cook with a ¼ cup of water. Add sugar and spices. Enjoy warm. That’s how I make applesauce. This past fall I started making applesauce for my girls. I had a small amount of time and apples that needed to be used. I decided to make something simple. The reviews were glowing, and homemade applesauce became much requested.

My mother made applesauce for her five kids and husband all winter long. It was such a staple on our table that it never occurred to me that homemade applesauce would be so coveted at my house. It is apples cooked with a pinch of sugar and spices! It is simple, easy and comforting. Not fancy! But my girls love it.

As I served up cups of applesauce this weekend, I realized that the girls were asking for more than tasty cooked apples. On some level, they understand that homemade applesauce is a gift directly from my childhood.  My mom offered this humble dish to her family and, in turn, I am offering it to mine. It is simple gift given without fanfare. It’s just applesauce. Yet, my girls understand that it is the passing on of a gift I received as a child. And they clamor for more.

When we offer freely what has been given to us, we give heartfelt comfort to others. Our families, friends, and congregants know when we are acting out of our genuine, core selves.  They know when our words and actions come from a place of authenticity and humility. These heartfelt gifts create divine moments, places where our hearts connect with the goodness of God.  We may not name it, but we can sense it. And all of us crave relationships where comfort is freely given. These small comforts are not to be dismissed but celebrated. I remind myself that “It’s not just applesauce. It is warm, cozy comfort freely given and gratefully received.”

Tammy Abee Blom is an ordained Baptist minister, regular contributor to BWIM’s blog, mother of two amazing daughters, teacher for children’s Sunday School, and lives in Columbia, South Carolina.