State of Women in
Baptist Life Report

2021 Report

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The 2021 report was published electronically above and is available for download.

If you would like, you can order a paper copy of the report by filling out this form.

Webinar Presentation of the 2021 Report

BWIM hosted a Webinar to present some of the key findings of the State of Women in Baptist Life Report 2021.

If you missed the Webinar, you can watch it here.


Reading and Discussion Guides

Reading Guide for Women in Ministry

This Reading Guide is for women in ministry to read alongside the State of Women in Baptist Life Report 2021.Use this guide on your own or with a group of women in ministry as you read through the findings of the report. Reflect on your own experiences in ministry in light of the report by downloading the State of Women in Baptist Life Reading Guide.

Discussion Guide for Supporters of Women in Ministry

This Discussion Guide if for any group of people who support women in ministry. Start a conversation with your church or organization in light of the statistics from the report. Learn how your community can better support women in ministry by downloading the State of Women in Baptist Life Discussion Guide.

The 2021 Report in the News

Good Faith Media

“Annual Report Highlights Challenges, Opportunities for Baptist Women in Ministry”

By Libby Carroll

Baptist News Global

“Who’ll bring the sackcloth and ashes to CBF General Assembly this week?”

By Molly Brummett Wudel

Baptist News Global

“This is my body”

By Hannah Coe

Baptist News Global

“Annual report on Baptist women in ministry finds some gains but serious losses due to COVID”

By Jeff Brumley

Baptist News Global

“On women in church leadership: When you know better, you do better”

By Anna Sieges

Baptist News Global

“I pray for a day when the ordination of women is no longer a concern”

By Amanda Clark

Baptist Standard

“Baptist women in ministry show marginal gains”

By Ken Camp

Baptist News Global

“How a verbally abusive male pastor derailed a young woman from ministry”

By Madison Boboltz

Baptist News Global

“Glimpses of grief reveal reality for women in ministry”

By Sara Robb-Scott

2021 Report

Full Survey Results

Part I of the State of Women in Baptist Life Report 2021 reveals the results of a BWIM survey about the experiences of women in ministry and the trends of congregational support. You can download the full survey results here.