Last Sunday, Kewon Foster preached at my church—Cornerstone Church in Snellville, Georgia. I have known Kewon since 2008—his first semester as a student at McAfee School of Theology was my first semester teaching there as an adjunct professor. We spent three semesters together studying church history and Baptist history, and we have stayed in touch since he graduated.

Kewon has been with us at Cornerstone before—so we knew going into the sermon time that we would be blessed.  His sermon on “The Power of Your Testimony” called us to remember those powerful, life-changing experiences that we have had with Jesus and to share our stories with others. Our testimony, Kewon said, can encourage and inspire. Our testimony can draw people to Jesus.  Telling our stories is invitational and relational.

As I have pondered in these past few days about the power of my own testimony, I realized that one person who needs to hear my stories is me—for often times I am the one in need of encouragement and inspiration. Too often I get so caught up in the doing of ministry, in serving others, and in leading Baptist Women in Ministry that I forget my own “why.” I forget that what compels me to minister and to serve are those experiences I have had and continue to have with Jesus.

This week I have taken time to remember. I have thought back to those life-changing experiences I had as a teenager.  I have reflected on those days when I first heard God’s call to ministry. I have traced my faith journey, pausing to remember so many people who along the way have been “Jesus” to me. I have thought about the darkest moments of my life when God’s presence comforted me. I have remembered my own faith stories, and this week, I have been sharing my testimony . . . with myself.

Pam Durso is executive director of the Baptist Women in Ministry, Atlanta, Georgia.