Each Friday, Baptist Women in Ministry introduces a Baptist woman serving in ministry, and today, we are pleased to introduce you to Ka’thy Gore Chappell.

Ka’thy, tell us about where and how are you currently serving in ministry?  

I serve as Leadership Development Coordinator with Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina.

 What have been some of your “bumps in the road” as a woman minister? 

Some “bumps in the road” for me as a woman minister have included the assumption that ministry is a “way station” until marriage or motherhood came along.  Another “bump” was the lack of recognition as minister when surrounded by men who had the title of minister or Rev. and I (with same credentials) was labeled as director or Ms.  Other “bumps” include the reality that women ministers have to constantly attempt to “think like a man” in order to function in staff meetings, deacon meetings and committee meetings.  The list could continue . . .

What is the best ministry advice you have ever received? 

My best ministry advice was to love church people + there are two sides to every story + write thank-you notes + work two parts of the day—not all three parts of the day.

Who has inspired you in your ministry journey?

The people who have inspired me in my ministry journey include my mother, my missions leaders, and Sunday School leaders (who were all women). They all taught me to find out what God wanted me to do, then, do it!