Most Saturdays at my house tend to be lazy, sleep-late mornings with errand-running, chore-filled afternoons, but Saturday, February 28, was very different. Early that morning my son, Michael, drove me to Smoke Rise Baptist Church in Stone Mountain. By the time the morning was over, words of blessing and prayers for courage had been spoken to me. And hands had been placed on my shoulders, arms had been wrapped around me, tears had been cried. My pastor, Charles Brown, handed me a certificate of ordination, and much to my surprise, everyone stood and cheered.

Nearly two weeks later I am still holding the memories of that day close, still marveling at the beauty of the day and the surprising ways in which God has been at work. At some point I hope to have words to describe my ordination service, but for now, I just have snapshots of the day in my head. And fortunately, I also have beautiful, beautiful photos taken by Wes Browning, who is a genius photographer and videographer.

So instead of words, I share these photos, pictures that captured special moments, sacred moments, moments I will never forget.