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Imagine a gender equal Baptist world.

This is a world in which women in ministry are wanted, not just permitted. A world in which women in ministry are celebrated, not just tolerated. A world in which women in ministry thrive, not just survive.

Every woman in every Baptist congregation should know that there are no limits to how she can use her gifts both in the church and throughout her life.

Since 1983, BWIM has stood in solidarity with thousands of women in ministry and leadership, providing support and community, and advocating for the full affirmation of women in ministry in Baptist life.

And while important progress has been made over the last 40 years, there are still scores of women in Baptist life who suffer the cuts and burns of enduring patriarchy and gender inequity.

According to our 2021 State of Women in Baptist Life survey of women in ministry in Baptist communities, 86% of women in ministry experience obstacles to their ministry because of their gender.

These obstacles are environmental and cultural.

BWIM is uniquely situated to address these problems.

In the next 3 years, BWIM will expand our infrastructure, programs, and relationships. In doing so, multiply the number of women we support. We will multiply the number of opportunities that women in ministry have in Baptist communities. We will multiply the safety, security, and encouragement women in ministry find in congregations. We will multiply the movement so that more people know there are no limits to the ways women can lead in God’s work in the world.

The Multiply campaign is the engine of BWIM’s evolution.

Through this community effort, we will raise the $500,000 needed to help women thrive in ministry and leadership in Baptist communities by:

  • Expanding our mentoring and peer learning groups
  • Developing a racial equity program for Baptist women of color in ministry.
  • Creating new resources to help sustain women in their ministry careers including shared learning opportunities and preaching cohorts.
  • Creating new partnerships and programs to support college and seminary women as they begin a journey of ministry and leadership.
  • Developing new partnership initiatives with more diverse Baptist denominational networks and denominations.
  • Developing the Congregational Culture Initiative which will provide resources congregations can use to assess their culture with regard to empowering women and increasing gender equity.

Together, we can create a world where Baptist women, congregations, and communities find liberation from patriarchy and become vibrant and inclusive. Will you join us to build this world?

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