Toolkit for Solidarity and Affirmation

Next week the Southern Baptist Convention will hold its Annual Meeting and will vote on the second reading of a constitutional amendment stating that churches which affirm, appoint, or employ women as pastors of any kind are not in friendly cooperation with the convention and should be disfellowshipped. 

Whether or not the amendment passes, millions of women will hear the message that they do not have equal value to God or Christ’s church as the conflict plays out.

In response, Baptist Women in Ministry’s advocacy goal is to counter the SBC’s denigration of women by loudly sending the message that women are fully valued by God and there are no limits to how they can serve the church.

While we are working to spread this word on a broad scale, we need your help to amplify affirmation in your context and on the local level!

We have created A Toolkit for Solidarity and Affirmation to provide suggestions for how you can respond to the SBC’s actions individually, as well as how your church can also take action to show that there are Baptists who fully value women’s gifts and calling.

This is a time for us to proudly make known our commitments to gender equality among Baptists!