“I know God is good, Martha.  He’s just not good to me.”– Susan Isaacs

Angry Conversations with God, A Snarky but Authentic Spiritual Memoir is the poignant faith journey of Susan E. Isaacs.  A well intending friend once tried to give Susan advice with the statement “our relationship with God is nothing short of a marriage.”  To which Susan replied, “Well, in that case, God and I need to go to couples counseling.  Because we’re not getting along.”

What do you when the God you knew intimately as a child seems to have abandoned you?  Well, of course, you take God to marriage counseling.  If the relationship isn’t working, you find a counselor that will help fix it and that is exactly what Susan Isaacs did.

Susan grew up, as many of us did, in the church, really knowing the intimate love of God.  However, as life got more complicated, so did her relationship with God.  This is an honest story of one woman’s journey.  It is a glimpse into her life and the experience of going to “couples counseling” with God.  It is a journey where the images of God get entangled with broken fathers and awful relationships.  It is a reminder that we all, including ministers, are just people doing the best we can.

This is an unorthodox faith journey story.  It does include some unorthodox language but it flows from Susan’s honest heart. It is a book you won’t want to put down. It will have you laughing and crying and wondering how she has been watching you live your life.  With Susan Isaacs, the reader learns that even the worst churches can still be used by God, what being a spiritual gold digger means, and that even when our noblest desires are not fulfilled, God is still love.