One of the many topics of conversation that swirls around when women ministers gather is ministry and motherhood. Seems like there are more questions about this topic than answers. So for those minister moms out there–what advice do you have? Any lessons you’ve learned? Any suggestions?

I recently ran across a book on the topic–haven’t read it yet–Clergy Moms: A Survival Guide to Balancing Family and Congregation by Episcopal priest Allison Moore.

Allison conducted interviews with ordained women from five denominations (Episcopal, United Methodist, United Church of Christ, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and Presbyterian Church USA). She offers an overview of challenges and opportunities that clergy women face as mothers and provides some suggestions for balancing life and ministry.

My guess is that Baptist women minister moms face the same challenges encountered by women of other denominations. And my other guess is that talking openly and honestly about the ups and downs of motherhood and ministry is a conversation in which many Baptist women ministers need to participate! Would love to hear your stories!

(PHOTO: Robin Anderson, associate pastor of education and outreach at University Baptist Church, Baltimore, Maryland, and mother of three incredible children!)

Pam Durso is executive director of Baptist Women in Ministry, Atlanta, Georgia.