Baptist Women in Ministry expresses solidarity with First Baptist Church of Alexandria, Virginia and Pastor Kim Eskridge in the face of the SBC Messengers decision to disfellowship their congregation today.

Like other decisions before it, this decision further solidifies what the SBC has already stated it believes and has put into practice—that Southern Baptists believe that they have the authority to decide whom God calls instead of trusting God to call whomever God chooses.

Baptist Women in Ministry grieves the pain caused to FBC Alexandria as they were placed at the center of a convention-wide debate about women’s freedom to follow God’s call. We also celebrate FBC Alexandria’s decision to stand firm in their affirmation of Pastor Kim and in their belief that the Bible does not limit whom God can call to pastor among God’s people.

We believe empowering women helps expand the reach of God’s grace in this world, and we hope that Baptists might be able to see how God’s love is expansive enough to include the full freedom of all people.