Baptist Women in Ministry, to Produce Short Documentaries on Women in Ministry

For Immediate Release: June 13, 2018
Pam Durso
Executive Director, Baptist Women in Ministry

Mitch Randall
Executive Director,

A micro-documentary series focused on women in ministry will be jointly-produced by Baptist Women in Ministry and in 2018-2019.

Each micro-documentary will share a contextual story of one female minister in the U.S., focusing on her story and the setting in which she ministers. Focal points will include her calling, ministry highlights, challenges and specific interests.

Pam Durso, executive director of BWIM, and Mitch Randall, executive director of, signed a partnership agreement on April 22 following several weeks of dialogue.

A formal announcement of the joint initiative, which is already underway, was made at the BWIM annual gathering at Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas on June 13.

“For four hundred years, women have served faithfully in Baptist churches, and yet for most of our history, women’s gifts have not been recognized and their leadership has not been utilized,” Durso said. “In the last few decades, a shift has occurred in the Baptist landscape. A growing number of Baptist congregations have been attentive to the work of the Spirit and have called women as pastors and staff ministers. Baptist Women in Ministry is grateful to partner with to tell the stories of several remarkable Baptist women pastors.”

BWIM and hope that the series will:

• Highlight progress in shattering the stained-glass ceiling.
• Discuss where and why significant work remains to expand opportunities for female ministers.
• Provide churches and faith-based organizations with a new resource to advocate with and for women called to Christian ministry.

The first micro-documentary will focus on Rev. Mary Alice Birdwhistell, senior pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Waco, Texas. The series will be distributed digitally and free of charge.

“ is excited about partnering with Baptist Women in Ministry. We will seek to tell the stories of remarkable and inspirational women pastors across the globe,” Randall said. “We hope these stories advance the narrative of Baptist women in ministry; as well as normalizing the reality that God calls both men and women to proclaim the gospel and take care of God’s people.”

Online donations to support the project can be made via or Please include a note designating your contribution to “Women in Ministry Micro-Doc Series.”

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