DorieWhen my oldest daughter was in first grade, I asked her, “What do you want to be for career day?” Her final choice: a preacher. And off to school she went wearing my Baptist Women in Ministry This is What a Preacher Looks Like t-shirt and blue jean shorts, carrying a fake smart phone and a Bible. I proudly snapped pictures of her in the career-day parade.

Honestly, I would have been just as proud had my child wanted to dress up as a missionary. But for me, well, it never occurred to me that I could dress up like a preacher. One generation made quite a difference in my family.

My daughter knew she could be a preacher because her mom is one. I discovered much later in my life that I could be one after I encountered women preachers.

My family is a monthly supporter of Baptist Women in Ministry. Giving was a very intentional decision that we made together as a family. We have had family discussions about BWIM and the work that happens in, through, and because of BWIM. We support the network that is created, the community that is formed, and the resources that are offered.

In supporting Baptist Women in Ministry, our hope is that others may catch a glimpse of their callings in the great cloud of witnesses that lead by example, by empowering others, and by making room for all who hear the call of ministry from God.

Ruth Perkins Lee is director of ministries for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Decatur, Georgia.

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