Serving Jesus Faithfully 

A few weeks ago, I was truly discouraged, someone whom we invested a great amount of ministry time and dedication hurt me. This caused me to question my years of ministry and my calling. So much of my ministry I have done voluntarily because of my passion for serving Christ, and the words said hurt me so deeply, as I have only desired to be faithful to my calling. Thankfully, as I revisited the scripture in Mathew 28:1-10 and meditated on this story, I began to consider what these women disciples were living, and I identified myself with them and that pain was transformed. 

The women disciples served Jesus faithfully, they were with Jesus until his dying moment and now we read that they were still determined to serve Jesus even days after his death. As I continued reading about their walk to the tomb, I can’t help but wonder how these women must have felt as they went to the tomb of their teacher, Jesus. The One who saved them, restored them, called them by name, lifted their voices, invited them to the table and taught them as His disciples. Being women who were considered of so little value, Jesus had shown them they were of great value to Him and to God. There were times He had gone out of His way just for them. But now, after all they did to serve him faithfully, He was gone. What agony and sorrow they must have felt. The One that offered salvation and a calling, was no longer with them. Nevertheless, they remained faithful. In their pain and sorrow, they chose to continue serving Jesus. 

Much to their astonishment they find that Jesus is no longer in the tomb, they are the first to witness this. God’s messenger commissions them to go and share what they have witnessed! Once more, we see God lifting them and calling them to do something society did not allow them to do, and that was to testify. Yet God sends them. 

They could have refused and hesitated based on the patriarchal traditions of those days or the pain they had experienced, instead they remained faithful. On their way, Jesus appears to them first! They were gifted the privilege to see our Risen Christ first. Aleluya!

Because of their faithfulness to God and not to “mankind,” Jesus takes it a step further. He commissions them to go and proclaim the Good News that Jesus has risen! That day began filled with pain and disappointment, but that sorrow was quickly transformed into rejoicing and proclamation.

As I meditated on these words, Christ’s call and affirmation of my ministry was resurrected once more. I was reminded that Jesus can transform the pain that ministry can cause into joy. 

My sister, your arduous and true work for Jesus is seen, He knows your faithfulness. Just as Jesus blesses these women for their faithfulness, He desires the same for you. I hope that you and I can find hope again; knowing that we can find joy once more in the One that can transform what is dead or appears to be dead, into life. 

May this story remind you that Jesus continues to affirm you, He sees your faithfulness, calls you and commissions you to Go. He invites us to not worry about anything else but to be faithful to His calling, to go and proclaim the Good News! Aleleuya!

Anyra Cano is the BWIM state leader in Texas and coordinator for Texas Baptist Women in Ministry.