Last Christmas we were expecting our first child, and it was hard not to put myself in Mary’s shoes. There was a new dimension of meaning for the season that can only come when you are expecting. What will he look like? Will he have my eyes or Nathan’s nose? How big will he be? What will his personality be like? Will he be healthy? I hoped he would get Nathan’s patience and I hoped he wouldn’t get my feet!

Our world was changed last year, and Luke hadn’t even been born yet. How we looked at the world somehow changed with the expectation of the child we would soon bring into our family. We weren’t just expecting a baby. We were expecting the responsibility that was to come. We were expecting the intense and immediate love that we were told we would feel at the first sight of our son. We were expecting our lives to change for the better because Luke entered our world.

It’s the same way with Christ. We’re expecting more than just a baby. We’re expecting the love that comes from knowing him. We’re expecting the responsibility that comes from a relationship with him. We’re expecting our lives to change for the better.

• What are you expecting this season?

• How are you expecting the birth Christ to enrich your life?

Kim Mason lives in Jasper, Georgia. She is married to Nathan and mother to Luke. She previously served as a children’s minister and now is a stay-at-home mom. Her Advent Devotions for 2011 can be found on the facebook page and the website of Heritage Baptist Fellowship, Canton, Georgia.