So you have made it . . . there you sit in front of your computer screen, Skyping with a church committee, excited to finally have arrived at what you are sure is the perfect position for you. You are ready to take this new role on. You are feeling fabulous–confident, self-assured, prepared.

But then the questions start coming. Every member of the committee throws at a hardball question at you, and these are questions you haven’t even thought about. Your hour-long interview ends with you drenched in sweat. You stare at the blank screen, trying hard not to cry or scream, knowing that you may have completely blown this one, wondering if they are still taking applications at your favorite Starbucks.

Interviewing  . . . that final step to securing a position can be stressful. Knowing what to expect helps, and whether your interview is online or in person, preparing is so important. Thinking through the questions that might be asked, organizing your answers, practicing your answers out loud, setting up mock-interviews, and having some questions of your own to ask are just some of the ways you can get ready. So prepare!

To help with this process, Baptist Women in Ministry has interviewingl resources. We have collected questions used by several churches during their recent searches. While the questions might not address the position for which you are interviewing, you can get ideas about what might be asked, what you can expect.

Take time to think through the questions. Jot down your responses and refine your replies. Read your notes out loud. Ask a trusted friend or colleague to pose the questions to you. Excellent interviewing skills are developed and can be developed, and excellent interviews often result in the much-desired job offer.

Would love to hear about your interview experiences–what worked, what didn’t, what you have learned!

Pam Durso is the executive director of Baptist Women in Ministry, Atlanta, Georgia.