I give to BWIM because with BWIM, I can take my glasses off.

At church, I wear a pair of progressive glasses so that I am not looking over my reading glasses to see someone or having to take my glasses on and off as needed. I keep my glasses on all the time at church.

My glasses go hand-in-hand with all that comes with being a minister. As a minister, there is not a moment that my pastoral responsibilities and duties along with the congregation’s expectations are not present. Neither is there a time that I am not wearing my glasses.

With other women ministers, I don’t need my glasses. I can take my glasses off and see them face-to-face and eye-to-eye. We understand the expectations, pressures that we all face. We come alongside each other as we navigate life as woman ministers. We know each other beyond our vocation. That is a blessing of immeasurable worth.

Through BWIM, I have friends who get the unique situations that women ministers face, know the need to be with each other, and know me. In addition to a network and friends, BWIM supports and encourages me in many other ways. BWIM helps me be a better pastor through its support and encouragement and most importantly, by providing the space for me to take my glasses off.—Robin Drake is associate pastor of administration and education, Agape Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas

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