Baptist Women in Ministry is an organization grounded in advocating, connecting, and networking. This is not simply a tag line on a logo; it is a bold declaration of purpose and intentionality. Programs, events, resources, projects, and yes, even giving campaigns, are organic to the organizational mission.

I invest monthly in BWIM because I believe advocating, connecting and networking are essential to ministerial DNA. As we advocate, as we connect . . . as we network a breathtakingly beautiful pastoral identity forms. As we lean into it, our pastoral identity empowers us, equips us, affirms us, and even holds us accountable when necessary. It is this pastoral identity that makes it possible for us to live as beacons of hope, conduits of love, and icons of grace in our world.

Being a clergywoman is a gift that comes with tremendous responsibility. Not only are we to live out the holy calling we are to bless, mentor, and coach the next generation of ministers.

Why do I invest monthly in BWIM? I invest because advocating, connecting and networking matter. Ministers living into their pastoral identity matter. Blessing, mentoring, and coaching the next generation matters. I invest in BWIM . . . because BWIM matters.

Katrina Brooks is youth pastor at Madison Heights Baptist Church, Madison, Virginia, and campus pastor at Lynchburg College.

Be 1 of 100! Baptist Women in Ministry currently has eighty-five individuals, churches, and organizations that give monthly to our work. We would love to have 100 monthly supporters, and this week we hope to add at least fifteen to our giving list! Monthly gifts provide dependable income for our work and allow BWIM to continue being an advocate, a network, and a connection for Baptist women ministers! Small monthly gifts of $10 or $20 or larger monthly gifts of $50 or $75 make a significant difference!

We invite you to join Katrina as a monthly giver and to be 1 of 100!