I am a monthly giver to Baptist Women in Ministry. I give for many reasons. I give in honor of my mom, who felt a call from God to ministry as a teenager. But, unfortunately, all she heard was that women couldn’t be in ministry, and so she was forced to turn her back on that calling. But even though she was turned away from ministry, when I told her that I felt like God was calling me to be a Children’s Minister, she was one of my best advocates. Growing up, she taught me that I could be whoever God wanted me to be and I am grateful.

I also give in honor of the strong women of my family. These women: my mom, both of my grandmothers (Shug and Granny Rose), my Aunt Barbaras (yep, there’s two of them!), my Aunt Connie, my Aunt Diane, and MaryNo, all taught me to be strong and stand up for myself. They showed me through the lives they lived that it was possible to be a strong woman, and they showed no fear as they bumped against that glass ceiling. As a result, I am one of the lucky female ministers whose family supported her calling. And not only did they support my calling, they are still a major source of encouragement for me.

I give in honor of the women who came before me, who broke down the barriers so that I am able to stand behind our pulpit without fear of being cast out. I also give in honor of the women who will come after me. I give in honor of the many girls I work with, whose bright faces and hopeful spirits will be able to stay with them should they choose ministry because of organizations like BWIM.

BWIM has been a wonderful resource for me. Pam Durso has played an important role in helping me continue my call when I was discouraged. BWIM has been a place of rest and renewal for me, as well as a place of hope when I needed it. It is an organization that is made up of hopeful women, of women who are quick to listen, to offer to support, and to offer a shoulder to cry on. I am grateful for BWIM and I give so that the women who come after me can experience the support that I have. Thank you BWIM and thank you, Pam!

Jessica Asbell is minister for children at First Baptist Church, Roswell, Georgia.

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