I spent Monday praying.

This past Monday, November 1, was the annual Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer (sponsored by the Baptist World Alliance Women’s Department). Knowing that thousands of my Baptist sisters were praying on that day made me more mindful and intentional about my praying.

All day long I found myself praying—for women who are suffering, women who are celebrating, women who are oppressed, women who work hard to support their families, women who are ministering to others, women who are working for justice, women who struggle with depression. I prayed for my good friends, and I prayed for Baptist women around the world whom I have never met.

Seems like I had a pretty sizeable prayer list—but as I prayed throughout the day I kept returning to thoughts of my community of friends. On Monday, two members of that community lost their mothers to cancer, and I prayed. On Monday, I was aware all day of a friend who is in great pain, and I prayed.

And today I am grateful for the Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer . . . I found comfort knowing that women across the globe were praying along with me. And today I have felt a great sense of peace for I know that I am not alone but walk in this faith journey with a world-wide community of Baptist women.

Pam Durso is the executive director of Baptist Women in Ministry, Atlanta, Georgia. (The photo is of her friend Jewel London praying with a young woman in Belize).