When you give to BWIM, together we can inspire more congregations toward intentional, bold, and consistent actions that elevate the leadership of women as demonstrated by Palmetto Missionary Baptist Church in Conway, South Carolina.

BWIM asked Pastor, Cheryl Moore Adamson, and Minister of Evangelism, Katrina Reaves to share with us about their congregation’s empowering support of women, what it means to them, and why others should follow their example.

BWIM: Beyond simply expressing support for women in ministry, what actions has your congregation taken to empower women in ministry and in leadership?

Rev. Adamson: Our congregation has been blessed to have the opportunity to support women in ministry in a number of ways. We had the privilege of hosting Rev. Dr. Octavia Baker of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (of Charlotte, NC) for her senior preaching intensive. She is now a Preaching Professor and Chaplain for English Worship at Pyeongtaek University in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. We also supervised Minister Collar Bell-Graves in her remote field education placement through Student.Go of CBF in the summer of 2020. These opportunities were priceless for these women as well as for our congregation. We have also hosted over 25 different women preachers over 8 years of our Women’s BeachWalk Retreat in Myrtle Beach, SC. We recognize that many women do not have the chance to utilize their ministry gifts or the theological education that they have worked so hard to obtain. It has indeed been a privilege to have these women in our midst over the years.

BWIM: How does having women in ministry and leadership make a difference in your congregation?

Rev. Adamson: Having women in these positions in our congregation demonstrates the true incarnation of the Imago Dei. It helps both men and women to know that God did not make a mistake in creating us in God’s likeness. We have also reinforced our belief in the awesomeness of our personal gifts and encourages us to continue to discover our purpose in being born into the Kingdom.

BWIM: Why should other congregations feel encouraged to be intentional about empowering women?

Rev. Reaves: “In a world of ordinary people, extraordinary people, I’m glad there is you.” –Ella Fitzgerald. For me, this is the best quote that expresses how women in the ministry have nursed me to the point where I stand today. Seeing women in ministry intentionally providing empowerment and encouragement to me and others allows the hallowed ground to become a solid ground. Women have carried the Word of God down dirt roads, through briar patches, and into steepled buildings. When you can touch an answered prayer, there’s no need to question our place in our congregations. We Belong.