“Every year my sister and I headed down to visit our grandparents for a week during the summer. We left the splendor of our beloved Virginia mountains to enter the beauty of the Eastern North Carolina coastal area, where we spent the days playing with our cousins and being spoiled by our grandparents. It was there, at my grandparents’ church, that I met a female pastor for the first time.

Years later, I felt God calling me into ministry, and I knew it was important for me to attend a seminary/divinity school that not only allowed me to learn how to be a minister but also affirmed and encouraged my calling. Campbell University Divinity School nurtured me and worked to prepare me for life as a young, female, Baptist minister. 

Since my seminary days, the resources, blogs, and worship services provided by Baptist Women in Ministry have renewed both my minister-husband I in our calling, provided us with tools to minister, and offered us the means to encourage Baptist women as they journey in their own ministry calling. 

We give monthly to BWIM so that other women and clergy couples can be nurtured, encouraged, and empowered to live.–Laura Davis is director of missions involvement of the Woman’s Missionary Union of Virginia, Henrico, Virginia

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