Each week Baptist Women in Ministry introduces an amazing minister. This week, we are thrilled to introduce Leah Grundset Davis.

Leah, tell us about your ministry journey and the places and ways you have served and are serving.
I’m thankful to say I’ve served in lots of places with lots of encouragement along the way. When I was ten-years-old, I knew I wanted to be a pastor, but it wasn’t until I was in college that my calling was affirmed and explored. I attended Baylor University for college, and later Truett Seminary, where I felt like the world of learning was opened to me and I began to examine internally and practically what being a minister would look like for me. I interned at the local Baptist association in Waco, interned at Calvary Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., and did interim work at a UCC church outside Waco. Each experience engaged what I was learning in school and learning in the Church. After seminary, I served at Calvary Baptist Church, Washington, D.C., from 2008-2013 as associate pastor. Ministering in that place, alongside fantastic colleagues and a church committed to justice and welcome for all people brought out new theological learning as well as pastoral engagement.

I currently serve as communications specialist at the Alliance of Baptists. I have the honor of visiting with our Alliance of Baptists congregational partners. I find such hope as I hear the stories of gospel work being done all over. Creativity, commitment, and passion are on display and I am so thankful to be invited in on that journey!

What have been your greatest sources of joy in ministry?
I love hearing people’s stories. It’s taken many forms over the years– sharing a cup of coffee, sitting at a bedside, holding a newborn baby, visiting with a church wondering what’s next for their life together. But all of them share in the incarnational hope of what community and life together can do to serve and love this world.

What have been your greatest sources of challenge in ministry?
Challenge has always come in learning to say no for me– stretching myself too thin came early in ministry and I learned from that. So I’m always asking myself what I can say yes to, and what I need to say no to. It’s hard because the “no” is usually in response to something wonderful!

What is your best advice for a teenage girl who is discerning a call to ministry?
Find people who value you and your calling. Ask your pastor to share his or her story. Participate in the local church and start paying attention to where you see God showing up and what excites you in that. You will bless this world and the Church with your giftedness and your voice!