Every Friday, Baptist Women in Ministry introduces a fabulous minister, and today we are pleased to introduce Tamiko Jones.

Tamiko, tell us about your ministry?
I currently serve on full-time staff at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Mansfield, Texas, as the minister of missions and young adults.

What have been some of the challenges you have faced in your ministry journey?
My greatest challenge has been the battlefield in my own mind. God blessed me to join Bethlehem Baptist Church in 2005, before I answered my call to ministry. Upon joining the church, I knew that Bethlehem Baptist Church was a traditional church in terms of worship style and that the church had no female ministers in leadership. Even though the church was founded in 1870, the median age of the members was 35! I was excited to be in this environment of tradition, growth, collaboration and service for the Kingdom.

As God began to apply the pressure in all areas of my life, I was called to leave a fifteen-year position as an electrical engineer/project manager to enter full-time ministry in this very traditional church with no known female ministers! Of course, my mind was on overload. There were so many questions, fears, and doubts… BUT GOD! Due to the authentic and servant leadership of my pastor and the relationships I developed with the church leaders over years of service, the acceptance and transition into ministry has been seamless. All I had to do was listen to God’s voice, obey His command, and trust His timing.

What brings you great joy in life and ministry?

I truly enjoy equipping people for ministry and life. I serve as the leader of the African–American Advisory Council (Sisters Who Care) for the Texas Woman’s Missionary Union. In this role, I interact with women and congregations across Texas in order to encourage their work in the area of missions and discipleship. Considering my professional background, I also enjoy assisting teens and young adults in understanding their gifts and developing strategies to reach their goals. I have always been surrounded by God-fearing people who invested in my life. So, it definitely brings me joy to “pour it all out,” transferring everything God has given me to others.

What is the best ministry advice you have ever received?

There have been so many nuggets of encouragement shared with me on this journey; however, I would say that for females in ministry, we do not have to fight our way into any space to share the gospel. The when, where, and how is totally up to God. I was called to preach. If that has to be done in a pulpit, classroom, or on a street corner, I will continue to say yes.