In searching for words of insight, words of comfort this week in light the horrific shooting in Las Vegas, the continuing desperation in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Texas, Florida, and Mexico, and so, so many other tragedies that left our world shaken, I find myself silent. I have no words. Even as I seek to pray, no words come.

On days like today, I am thankful for Ann Weems, who shares her wisdom with the world and helps me when I have no words. Today, her prayer has become my own:

O God, we pray this day

for all who have a song they cannot sing,

for all who have a burden they cannot bear,

for all who live in chains they cannot break,

for all who wander homeless and cannot return,

for those who are sick, and those who tend them,

for those who wait for loved ones and wait in vain,

for those who live in hunger

and for those who will not share their bread,

for those who are misunderstood,

and for those who misunderstand,

for those who are captives and for those who are captors,

for those whose words of love are locked within their hearts

and for those who yearn to hear those words.

Have mercy upon these, O God.

Have mercy upon them all.

— Ann Weems