“May our preaching swirl with the dust of the earth, invoke the ruah of God, and create new things.” – Kyndall Rae Rothaus

These beautifully poetic words in the preface of Preacher Breath begin Kyndall Rae Rothaus’s gift to us. Preacher Breath is a cup of cool water to parched souls; an invitation to voices, aching for listening ears, to soar.

Breathtakingly refreshing in its honesty and wonderfully lyrical in its prose, Preacher Breath will inspire preachers to bring every part of themselves to the sacred task of preaching; hands outstretched with their humble offering, watching excitedly for the transforming power of God to take every word and shape it into a beautiful story.

Kyndall Rae Rothaus has brought every element of herself to the feet of Christ and has chronicled the transformation in a collection beautiful essays and cadence-like sermons that will have you gasping at the fresh insights, highlighting and re-highlighting, and delving back into the scriptures with a new found thirst for truth, hope, and courage to tell the stories of the earth and set captive voices free.

What a blessing to be given this glimpse into one woman’s story. And what a gift to glean from her wisdom.

As she takes you deep into the scriptures, illuminating the work of God in the text and in the world, you are reminded of God’s work in your own story. You may even come away with a burning inspiration to truthfully and beautifully tell your own story.

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Sara Robb is associate pastor of ministry with aging at Scott Boulevard Baptist Church, Decatur, Georgia. She blogs regularly at sarainrealife.